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Lawyer Assistance Program: Confidentiality

  • Important: All inquiries are strictly confidential. Federal and local law prohibits the disclosure of any information pertaining to program participants, including their identity. The Lawyer Assistance Program will not disclose any information about lawyers, law students, or judges who seek its assistance to the Bar, to any entity affiliated with the Bar, or to anyone else. LAC volunteers are deemed to have lawyer/client confidentiality under Rule 1.6 of the Rules of Professional Conduct.

Confidentiality is paramount to our program and our ability to help attorneys, judges and law students.  All communications with LAP are confidential. No segment of the D.C. Bar, including the Office of Disciplinary Counsel or the D.C. Court of Appeals Committee on Admissions, has access to the names of LAP participants. The foundation and success of the program is based on the confidentiality of the services provided.

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