Past Youth Law Fair Themes

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2024: Carjacking: A Ride You Can’t Afford to Take!

2023: Don’t Get Caught Up: Criminal Conspiracy

2022: Helping Students Understand Their Rights

2021: The Politics of Food: Scarcity as an Issue of Justice

2020: Virtual Youth Law Fair

2019: Snatch, you lose! When Robbery and Conspiracy Collide to Steal Your Future

2018: Rally vs. Riot: When Words Ignite 

2017: OMG, I thought I Deleted This! 

2016: Blunt Talk: Clearing the Haze around D.C.’s Marijuana Laws 

2015: Profiling: That's Not Me! What's the Problem? 

2014: Stand Tall Against K2 and Alcohol 

2013: Bully Proof

2012: Privacy Awareness: Managing Social Media Networks 

2011: Cyber Bullying 

2010: Teen Dating Violence 

2009: OMG!!! Can U Say That?? IDK… 

2008: Internet Issues: Dangers of Social Media and Blogs 

2007: Internet Vulnerability: Teens at Risk 

2006: Drugs, Alcohol & Truancy 

2005: Risky Business: Reckless Driving 

2004: Gang Violence 

2003: The Dangers of Intolerance: How Hatred Leads to Crime 

2002: Profiling:  Are You a Target?  Have You Been Stereotyped? 

2001: Learn the Law, Speak Your Mind 

2000: Can they do that? Learn the Law

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