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Superior Court Amends Civil and Criminal Procedure Rules

August 07, 2023

On August 7 the Superior Court of the District of Columbia issued Promulgation Order 23-06 amending Rule of Civil Procedure 16 and Promulgation Order 23-07 amending Rules of Criminal Procedure 28, 49.1, and 55.

In revised Rule of Civil Procedure 16, effective September 8, the deadlines in subsection (c)(1) and section (d) have been extended to ensure that motions in limine filed under section (d) are fully briefed in advance of the pretrial conference.

The amended Rule of Criminal Procedure 28 correctly cites Ko v. United States, 722 A.2d 830, 835-36 (D.C. 1998) (en banc), while revised Rule 49.1 deletes the term “minor” in section (a) as intended by the 2009 amendment to this rule. Amended Rule 55 changes section (a) to be consistent with Civil Rule 79(a)(1) to provide that records are kept in the form and manner prescribed by the executive officer of the D.C. Courts. The Criminal Procedure Rule amendments take effect August 22.

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