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D.C. Bar Lawyer Referral Service

Expand your practice with the new D.C. Bar Lawyer Referral Service (LRS), an AI-powered program that simplifies the process of finding potential clients by bringing them directly to you!

Using state-of-the-art technology, LRS puts your profile in front of those whose legal needs fit within your practice area.

Join during license renewal for an introductory annual fee of $119.

  • ✓ Spend less time marketing and more time  delivering exceptional legal services.

  • ✓ Get noticed by individuals actively seeking legal representation for matters that match your expertise.

LRS Subscription Availability

The D.C. Bar LRS is available to all active D.C. Bar members in good standing.

May-July 2024
Add LRS to your D.C. Bar account when you renew your license.

July-August 2024
Complete your LRS profile.

Fall 2024
Prospective clients can access LRS and seek attorney referrals.

Eligibility Requirements

Participation in LRS requires a completed application, payment of an annual subscription fee ($119 is the introductory price for the 2024-25 license year), and meeting the following criteria:

  • → D.C. Bar Membership Class: Active
  • → D.C. Bar Membership Status: Good Standing
  • → Maintain required levels of professional liability insurance.
  • → Not be disbarred in any jurisdiction.
  • → Not owe restitution to the D.C. Bar Clients’ Security Fund.

For more information, please refer to the D.C. Bar Lawyer Referral Service Attorney Terms and Conditions.

There is no requirement to track, share, or report fees earned through the LRS program.

To sign up for the LRS, log into your D.C. Bar account and add LRS during license renewal.

Renew and Sign Up Now

If you have renewed your license and are interested in signing up for LRS, please contact Member Services at 202-626-3475 or [email protected].


When will LRS be available?

Lawyers can subscribe to LRS during license renewal starting May 1.

Account activation will be available summer 2024.

Public access to LRS will be available fall 2024.

How does LRS work?

As an LRS subscriber, you can create an online profile describing in detail the legal services that you provide including expertise that can help differentiate your practice from others. The LRS uses an Artificial Intelligence Large Language model to match your experience with the needs of prospective clients seeking referrals. The LRS provides prospective clients a list of up to 5 of the top matches for attorneys and their contact information. It is up to the prospective clients to reach out to matched attorneys. The LRS will inform you by email each time you are matched with a prospective client. Detailed information on prospective clients will not be made available to LRS subscribers.

What are the requirements to join?

To participate you must be an active D.C. Bar member in good standing, purchase an annual subscription, complete the LRS application, and meet the following criteria:

  • Have and maintain professional liability insurance in amounts not less than $100,000 per occurrence and $300,000 in the aggregate.
  • Not be disbarred in any jurisdiction.
  • Not owe restitution to the D.C. Bar Clients’ Security Fund.
  • Comply with the LRS Attorney Terms and Conditions.

What fees and portion of revenue are associated with LRS?

Qualified attorneys can join LRS by paying a fixed annual subscription fee. The introductory price for the 2024-25 subscription is $119. There is no additional cost for attorneys to use LRS. The LRS is not funded by D.C. Bar member license fees.

Will attorneys need to track, share, or report fees earned from clients referred to them through LRS?

No. Under the current program, there is no requirement to track, share, or report fees.

How will prospective clients find the D.C. Bar LRS?

The D.C. Bar will start promoting LRS to the public and prospective clients in the summer of 2024. The promotion will include paid advertising, social media posts, and targeted grassroots efforts throughout the District of Columbia.

Have more questions? Contact us at [email protected].

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