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The Communities are invited to start their program planning for the new fiscal year. As a part of this planning process, Community steering committee members and planners will have an opportunity to meet with the Communities Office Staff to discuss programming strategies, processes and content development for the upcoming year. Please follow the link here to schedule your appointment. If you have any questions about scheduling, email Abi Baxendale, Manager, Events. Please note, program planning sessions are held before the Community's first program in the new fiscal year that begins July 1.

MANDATORY MINIMUM OF SIX (6) PROGRAMS PER COMMUNITY. Many communities plan more than the minimum six programs, as a reference, however, we are providing guidance on six program structures you can follow:

  1. Lawyer to Lawyer – lunchtime meeting hosted by two experienced attorneys in your Community’s practice area 

  2. Fall/Spring Fireside Chat  – online fireside chat with a high-level speaker in your practice area or, alternatively, a structured networking event with members of your community 

  3.  Community 101 Presentation – introductory lecture/presentation on your Community’s area of law (1 or 2 speakers) 

  4. Hot Topic Panel or Round Table – discussion around an emerging issue or recent decision (1 to 4 speakers) 

  5. Yearly update – panel or presentation on developments in your community’s area of practice (1 to 4 speakers).  Consider working with a related community 

  6. Podcast – short recorded interview on a hot topic to be aired at a later date (1-3 speakers)

Communities standardized price points apply to all programs as determined by the Communities Office

Please note: If you are submitting more than six (6) programs, please submit another form.

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