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Corporation, Finance and Securities Law Community

The Rise of CBDCs and Stable Coins: Legal and Regulatory Insight for Lawyers
Dec 2, 2020

Artificial Intelligence: Public and Private Sector Insights
Oct 14, 2020

The Maturing Digital Asset Ecosystem
Sep 24, 2020

LGBT Lawyers and D and I in the Financial Industry
Sep 24, 2020

CFTC's New Cross-Border Rule
Sep 22, 2020

Securities Law for Non-Securities Lawyers
Sep 15, 2020

SEC Testimony in the Time of COVID: Tips, Tricks & Points to Consider
Jul 15, 2020

The Legal Profession and Racial Inequality - Part Two
Jul 13, 2020

The Legal Profession and Racial Inequality - Part One
Jun 29, 2020

Disclosure Issues During COVID-19
Jun 15, 2020

COVID-19: Lessons Learned from the Financial Services Industry - Advisor and Fund Perspectives
Jun 8, 2020

Community Reinvestment Act Modernization Proposal: What You Need to Know
Mar 3, 2020

Fireside Chat with CFTC Commissioner Dan M. Berkovitz
Feb 19, 2020

FINRA Enforcement 2020: What's New and What's Next?
Jan 29, 2020

SEC and FINRA Continue to Expand Use of Big Data - What Does This Mean for The Securities Bar?
Jan 16, 2020

Cryptocurrency and Digital Asset Regulation: Insights and Perspectives
Dec 18, 2019

Cryptocurrency and Digital Asset Enforcement: Insights and Perspectives
Nov 20, 2019

Real-Time Payments in the U.S.: Legal, Policy, and Cross-Border Implications
Nov 6, 2019

Fireside Chat with CFTC Director Joshua B. Sterling
 Sep 25, 2019

Update on Recent CFTC and NFA Regulatory Actions
Jul 31, 2019

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Government Contracts Community

There are currently no recent Government Contracts Community On-Demand Programs

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Taxation Community

Subcommittee Series

Corporate Tax Series

Section 163(j) - Effect of New Guidance on Corporate and Consolidated Taxpayers
Sep 22, 2020

Distressed Corporations - Income Tax Considerations for Debtors and Investors
Jun 30, 2020

Attributes in a Post-CARES Act World
Apr 28, 2020

The Intersection of Choice of Entity Decisions and the Corporate Tax Rules
Feb 25, 2020

How To Think About NOLs In A Post-TCJA World       
Sep 18, 2019

Employee Benefits Tax Series

COVID-19 and Other Recent Health Guidance
Jun 18, 2020

COVID-19 Challenges: What's Next for Employment Taxes and Retirement Plans
May 27, 2020

The SECURE Act: The Impact of Retirement Modernization Legislation
Feb 13, 2020

Defined Contribution Plan Investments in Private Funds
Nov 7, 2019

Estate Planning Tax Series

U.S. Families with Foreign Assets vs. International Families with Assets and Beneficiaries in the U.S.
Nov 10, 2020

An Overview of IRS Estate and Gift Tax Audit Procedures and Practice Tips
Jun 25, 2020

A Tri-State Update on Changes in the Law & Regulations Affecting Estates, Trusts & Probate Law
Jun 16, 2020

The Year in Review and Updates from Heckerling (2020)
May 21, 2020

Back to Basics: Giving Power to Your Powers of Attorney
Feb 18, 2020

What is Kaestner? And why should I care?
Sep 25, 2019

Exempt Organizations Tax Series

After the 2020 Election - Reporting and Other Considerations for Tax-Exempt Organizations
Nov 12, 2020

Endowments & Restricted Funds: How UPMIFA & the D.C. Nonprofit Act Impact the Use of Charitable Assets
Jun 26, 2020

Proposed Regulations Issues on 512(a)(6) UBIT 'Silo' Rules - A Discussion with Experts
May 18, 2020

Issues for Exempt Organizations Engaging in International Activities
Dec 4, 2019

The Intersection of Political and Exempt Organizations
Oct 10, 2019

Financial Products Tax Series

The Final 163(j) Regulations' Interest Anti-Avoidance Rule: Replacing Objectivity with Subjectivity?
October 6, 2020

Debt Modifications and Restructurings
Jun 4, 2020

BEAT for Financial Institutions
Feb 12, 2020

Cracking the Code for Cryptocurrency
Dec 12, 2019

Current Issues Under Section 305(c)
Oct 15, 2019

International Tax Series

2020 Final and Proposed Foreign Tax Credit-Related Regulations
Nov 5, 2020

GILTI High-Tax Exception Final Regulations
Oct 22, 2020

International Tax Issues of Trapped Workers, Mobile Workforces, and the New Normal
Jun 25, 2020

Final and Proposed Regulations Addressing Hybrid Dividends, Hybrid Arrangements and Other Issues
May 12, 2020

Withholding on Transfers of ECI Partnership Interests After the Proposed Regulations
Feb 20, 2020

The BEAT Regulations
Dec 5, 2019

Navigating the Proposed Cloud Regulations - What Has Changed, and What Hasn’t
Sep 19, 2019

New Tax Practitioners Series

Penalties: What is the Big Deal?
Nov 18, 2020

Careers in Tax Law: Ask an Associate
October 8, 2020

A Brief Discussion of Administrative Guidance in the Federal Tax Law
Jun 10, 2020

What Is It Worth: Judicial Deference to IRS Guidance and Other Authority on which We Rely
May 6, 2020

Tax Controversy Basics: Forum Selection
Feb 5, 2020

Careers in Tax Law: The Importance of Networking
Nov 6, 2019

Partnership Taxation Series

Disguised Sales, Summation of Class, Special Topics
Jul 30, 2019

Distributions (Session 2)
Jul 23, 2019

Distributions (Session 1)
Jul 16, 2019

Sale of a Partnership Interest
Jul 9, 2019

Transactions (Other Than Sales) Between a Partnership and Its Partners
Jul 2, 2019

Pass-Throughs and Real Estate Tax Series

Highlights of the Recently Issued Proposed Regulations Under Section 1061
Oct 19, 2020

Applying Section 163(j) to Partnerships: Final and Proposed Regulations
Sep 16, 2020

Debt Restructurings, Buybacks, and Workouts for Troubled Partnerships
May 28, 2020

Deciphering and Dissecting New Partnership Debt Allocation Regulations
Dec 11, 2019

Bonus Depreciation - Final and Proposed Regulations
Oct 23, 2019

State and Local Tax Series

Hot Topics in the Office of Chief Counsel and Office of Tax and Revenue
Dec 10, 2020

The State of Combined Reporting
Apr 7, 2020

Dialogue with D.C. OTR's Office of the Taxpayer Advocate and the Comptroller of Maryland Ombudsman's Office
Feb 11, 2020

Annual Update on D.C. Taxation
Nov 5, 2019

Tax Audits and Litigation Series

Tax Audits and Litigation Series: A Closer Look at Section 965 Campaigns
Dec 2, 2020

ADR in the Tax Court: Who Knew it Existed?
Oct 15, 2020

A Conversation with the National Taxpayer Advocate: Erin M. Collins
Jun 3, 2020

Employment Tax: Civil and Criminal Implications
Oct 24, 2019

BBA Partnership Audit Regulations - Considerations for Drafting Agreements and Defending During Audits
Sep 10, 2019

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2020 Tax Conference

Tax Legislative and Regulatory Update Conference
Jan 23, 2020

Full Conference

Legislative Update

International Tax: Repatriation Issues: PTI, Basis and the Participation Exemption  

Corporate Taxation: Mergers and Acquisitions Update

Partnership Tax: Hot Topics Including Partnership Issues Relating to Section 1061, Section 168(k), and Certain International Provisions

Tax Exempt: The New Section 4960 Excise Tax on Executive Compensation Paid by Exempt Organizations and Related Entities

International Taxation: GILTI & Subpart F Developments Including FTCs

Corporate Taxation: Spin-Off Update

Partnership Taxation: Section 163(j) and Partnerships

Charitable Giving and Estate Planning

Keynote Speaker, Michael Desmond

International Tax: Cross-Border Financing: Hybrid Issues, Section 163(j), and Other Financing-Related Issues

Corporate Tax: Consolidated Update

Partnership Taxation: Opportunity Zone Update

Tax Controversy: Exploring Tax Issues Related to Regulatory Authority, Chevron Deference, and the Administrative Procedure Act

International Taxation: Exploring the Final BEAT Regulations and Related Issues

Corporate Taxation: Corporate Issues and Opportunity Zones

Partnership Taxation: Latest Developments on the Section 199A Qualified Business Income Deduction

Tax Controversy: Tax Litigation Update Including Recent Decisions, Procedural Issues, and the Impact on Both Corporate and Individual Taxpayers

The OECD/G20 Inclusive Framework on BEPS: Latest Developments

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