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Consumer Law Resource Center

The Consumer Law Resource Center is temporarily not accepting new intakes. We apologize for any inconvenience that this causes. For now, please call the Legal Information Help Line at 202-626-3499 to find appropriate legal help.

The Consumer Law Resource Center provides free legal information to consumers related to:

  • Debt Collection
  • Home Improvement/Independent Contractor Disputes
  • Security Deposit Refunds
  • Small Claims Cases
  • Used Car or Car Repair Disputes
  • Utility Disputes
  • Violations of the Consumer Protection Procedures Act

Volunteer attorneys at the center:

  • Inform consumers about their legal rights and obligations
  • Review contracts
  • Assist consumers with preparing demand/reply letters
  • Help self–represented persons understand court proceedings
  • Coach self-represented person how to best present cases in court
  • Assist self–represented person prepare pleadings
  • Inform self–represented persons how to obtain continuances and retain counsel
  • Make referrals to legal services providers and other resources in appropriate cases