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Legal Ethics Committee Adopts New Opinion on Disclosing Client Information

May 09, 2022

In April 2022, the Legal Ethics Committee issued Opinion 383 finding that, absent informed consent, a lawyer generally may not disclose to a client or prospective client information about another client or prospective client that is a protected secret or confidence under Rules 1.6 or 1.18. Such protected information often includes (1) the identity of another client or prospective client and (2) the nature of the other person’s matter. LEO 383 cautions that even requesting or agreeing to a commitment to make such disclosures pursuant to an outside counsel agreement or otherwise may constitute a prohibited attempt or inducement to another to violate the Rules. The opinion also concludes that Rules 1.7(d) and 1.16 — and not an advance agreement between one client and outside counsel — govern whether a lawyer must or may withdraw from her representation of another client if a “midstream” conflict arises. Finally, a lawyer may not permit a client to access the lawyer’s records if such access might disclose confidences or secrets of other clients. Read the full opinion here.

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July 05, 2022

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Chad Sarchio and Neal Katyal

June 28, 2022

At 2022 D.C. Bar Conference, Speakers Contemplate Challenges & Future of Law

By Jeremy Conrad and John Murph

D.C. Bar members, leaders, and others in the D.C. legal community gathered on June 23 at the Renaissance Washington, DC Downtown Hotel for the Bar’s 2022 Conference celebrating its golden anniversary and envisioning its next 50 years. The event featured panel discussions with past and present leaders of the Bar as well as a fireside chat with high-powered U.S. Supreme Court litigator Neal Katyal.