Rule VII. Referendum Procedure

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Section 1. Board May Initiate
The Board of Governors may at any time, by the affirmative vote of 2/3 of the Board, refer to the active members of the Bar for determination by member ballot, any question of Bar policy.

Section 2. Members May Initiate by Petition
The Board of Governors shall submit for determination by member ballot any question of Bar policy, including proposals for changes in the Rules or Bylaws, whenever directed so to do by a petition signed by not less than 3% of the active members of the Bar, based on the census of the Bar as of the first business day of the calendar year in which the petition is submitted.

Section 3. Procedure
Ballots for use in any such referendum shall be prepared, distributed, returned and counted in accordance with regulations prescribed by the Board of Governors. The result of a referendum, as determined by a majority of the votes cast, when duly ascertained shall be published by the Board of Governors in the official Bar publication, and shall control the action of the Bar, the Board of Governors, the officers, and committees.