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Scot Strems

Docket No. 2020-D127


DCCA Opinion (May 4, 2023)

Summary: In re Scot Strems. Bar No. 1025368. May 4, 2023. In a reciprocal matter from Florida, the D.C. Court of Appeals imposed reciprocal discipline and disbarred Strems and ordered that prior to filing a petition for reinstatement, he must first be reinstated to practice law in the state of Florida. In Florida, Strems was found to have neglected client matters, refused to participate in discovery, violated court orders, submitted false or misleading affidavits to courts, and created a conflict of interest between himself and his client.

DCCA Order (July 14, 2021)

Summary: Strems was suspended on an interim basis based upon discipline imposed in Florida.

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