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Amanda Haines

Docket No. 20-BD-041/AH


Board Report and Orders (July 31, 2023)

Summary: In re Amanda Haines. Licensed in New York. July 31, 2023. The Board on Professional Responsibility recommended that the D.C. Court of Appeals suspend Haines for 60 days. While serving as an assistant United States attorney responsible for prosecuting a defendant for the murder of an individual, Haines failed to timely disclose exculpatory evidence to defense counsel, engaged in conduct that seriously interfered with the administration of justice, and disclosed confidential government information in violation of Rules 1.6(a), 3.8(e), and 8.4(d).

Hearing Committee Report (February 24, 2022)

Summary: Not yet available.

Charging Documents

Answer (June 26, 2020)

Specification of Charges (May 5, 2020)

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