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D.C. Bar Communities

What are the Communities and how are they organized?

The Communities are the voluntary arm of the D.C. Bar. There are 21 Communities designed to provide member benefits and opportunities to grow your network while maintaining focus on practice-specific career development. They are led by the Communities Committee, which oversees the operation of the D.C. Bar Communities Program by facilitating Communities-wide programming and content, volunteer opportunities, and member engagement initiatives. Each Community (except the Law Student Community) is led by a five-member steering committee made up of elected members. These leaders work to develop and implement content programs, networking opportunities, and other events for their members.

How can I learn more about D.C. Bar Communities?

To learn more about D.C. Bar Communities, please visit http://www.dcbar.org/communities or contact [email protected].

How do I join the D.C. Bar Communities?

You may join online today or by phone at 202-626-3463.

What are the membership benefits as a Community member?

The Communities experience provides valuable benefits and opportunities to grow your network while maintaining focus on practice-specific career development.

There are two membership options:  

  • Standard: total of $79 for up to 3 communities (less than $7 per month), is perfect for someone who prefers to plan ahead for their remote attendance as well as receive additional member based discounts.
  • Premium: total of $120 for up to 3 communities ($10 per month), is perfect for someone who wants the ultimate flexibility to connect/engage by signing up for programming at any time prior to the event and enjoys significant member based discounts.

Compare the two membership benefits and learn more by clicking here.


As someone who is not a D.C. Bar member, could I join Communities?

Yes, you do not have to be a D.C. Bar member to join Communities. There is a slightly higher fee for those who are not Bar members who wish to join D.C. Bar Communities. The membership dues for D.C. Bar members is $79; the subscriber fee for other individuals is $129. If you have not already done so, you will need to create an account. Once you have established an account, you can join the Communities through your profile. You can also contact [email protected] for more information and pricing.

How does my participation in the Communities program relate to D.C. Bar membership?

The Communities Program is a voluntary membership of the Bar and not funded or supported by mandatory Bar dues. Your payment of Communities membership dues will give you the opportunity to join and/or renew up to three Communities in practice areas that you identify. There are 21 Communities designed to provide member benefits and opportunities to grow your network while maintaining focus on practice-specific career development. Participation in the Communities program does not confer membership in the D.C. Bar.  If you join a Community without first being a member of the Bar, you join as a subscriber rather than as a member. Subscribers are entitled to the same notice of upcoming events and discounts that are afforded to members.  However, subscribers are not permitted to serve on Community steering committees, vote in Communities elections, or chair Community program subcommittees. Subscribers ARE NOT licensed to practice law in the District of Columbia.

How do I register for my Community programs?

You may register for any D.C. Bar Community program at our Events page, or you may call us at 202-626-3463 to make payment with a credit card. If you have questions about registration, you can email [email protected].

Do the Communities have a policy on use of images obtained at its events?

Click here to read our Multimedia Disclaimer.

How do I purchase the CLE passport at a discount?

You can contact the CLE Department directly and they will handle your purchase of the passport with the eligible rate for a Community member discount.  

I joined Communities because of a great series. Will I be able to sign up for these for free?

To register for series programming for free as a Communities member, you would need to register during the Community member registration early bird period prior to the program, based on space availability. To get free access to series programming, a member can sign up for each event separately through the individual early bird registration process when it becomes available online. To register for all series sessions in a bundle, a fee will apply. 

If I were to join and/or renew three Communities, does that mean that I will get more emails?

You would only get emails about the activities in the Communities to which you belong. You may log into your member account to adjust your preferences on email notifications relevant to your Communities.  

How do I cancel my D.C. Bar Communities membership?

To cancel your D.C. Bar Communities membership, please contact the Communities office at [email protected] or 202-626-3463.

Who are the current Community leaders?

You can find Communities Committee and steering committee leadership listed HERE.

How do I join a steering committee?

Steering committee members are elected to three-year terms by the general membership of the Communities. To learn more about running for a position, vist our Communities Elections page. 

How do I contact the Communities?

  • For questions regarding Community membership, leadership, or benefits, email [email protected]

  • For questions regarding Community events, email [email protected]

  • For questions regarding your registration for a Community program, email [email protected]

  • For all general inquiries, call the Community Office main line at 202-626-3463