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Administrative Law and Agency Practice Community

The Threat Disinformation and Deepfakes Pose to the Private Sector and their Legal Implications
Oct 17, 2019

Kisor v. Wilkie: The End of Auer Deference? Oral Argument Recap and Discussion of What's to Come
Mar 28, 2019

2018 Administrative Law: Year in Review
May 30, 2018

Can an Intelligible Distinction Between Legislative Rules and Guidance be Articulated?  
 Apr 26, 2018

Behind the Scenes with the House of Representatives Office of Legislative Counsel  
 Mar 29, 2018

Federal Agencies' Use of Guidance  
 Mar 15, 2018

Executive Orders and Presidential Action from A to Z  
 Dec 7, 2017  

Administrative Law: Year in Review 2017    
 Jun 7, 2017  

Chevron Deference in the Circuit Courts  
 May 25, 2017  

Agency Hearing Procedures: How Do the New SEC Rules Stack Up?  
 Jan 12, 2017  

Administrative Law Year in Review 2016
Jul 14, 2016

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Antitrust and Consumer Law Community

Antitrust Policy and Enforcement - 2021 and Beyond
Jun 24, 2020

Employee Non-Compete Clauses – The Good, the Bad and the Law
Jun 11, 2020

How Technology is Changing Antitrust in 2019  
May 21, 2019

Antitrust Issues Confronting Small Business and Professionals        
May 16, 2019

D.C. Attorney General Karl Racine Discusses the Current Climate in Antitrust and Consumer Law  
 Mar 27, 2018

Antitrust Compliance in the New Administration  
 Feb 1, 2018

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Arts, Entertainment, Media and Sports Law Community

Anti-SLAPP Litigation 101 - Defending Freedom of Expression
May 7, 2020

Practical Considerations in Online Free Speech Litigation
Mar 5, 2020

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Communities Office Programs

Anti-SLAPP Litigation 101 - Defending Freedom of Expression
May 7, 2020

Career Fulfillment by Design in Uncertain Times: Align Your Work and Life
Apr 30, 2020

Becoming Your Own Investment Analyst
Apr 2, 2020

Seamless Remote Programming with the D.C. Bar Communities Office
Mar 24, 2020

Education Financial Planning
Mar 3, 2020

Money Milestones - or Financial Planning Success 101
Feb 4, 2020

Tax Planning Strategies
Dec 10, 2019

Student Loans Planning
Nov 5, 2019

Tough Cases: Judges Tell Stories of Some of the Hardest Decisions They've Ever Made
Oct 10, 2019

Retirement Planning: Social Security
Oct 1, 2019

Coding for Lawyers
Mar 21, 2019

Career Satisfaction From Within: Create Greater Fulfillment In Your Work and Life
Jun 12, 2019

Insurance Planning
Jun 4, 2019

Retirement Planning
May 7, 2019

Asset Allocation and Investing
Apr 2, 2019

Financial Planning
Mar 5, 2019

Four Pillars to Build Your Alternative Career
Nov 7, 2018

Social Security 101: Get it Before it's Gone?
Oct 24, 2018

Resiliency in the Practice of Law
Oct 23, 2018

Political Law Primer: Campaign Finance, Gift and Pay-to-Play Essentials
Oct 6, 2016  

iPad for Lawyers: Using Technology in the Courtroom
Oct 5, 2016  

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Corporation, Finance and Securities Law Community

Disclosure Issues During COVID-19
Jun 15, 2020

COVID-19: Lessons Learned from the Financial Services Industry - Advisor and Fund Perspectives
Jun 8, 2020

Community Reinvestment Act Modernization Proposal: What You Need to Know
Mar 3, 2020

Fireside Chat with CFTC Commissioner Dan M. Berkovitz
Feb 19, 2020

FINRA Enforcement 2020: What's New and What's Next?
Jan 29, 2020

SEC and FINRA Continue to Expand Use of Big Data - What Does This Mean for The Securities Bar?
Jan 16, 2020

Cryptocurrency and Digital Asset Regulation: Insights and Perspectives
Dec 18, 2019

Cryptocurrency and Digital Asset Enforcement: Insights and Perspectives
Nov 20, 2019

Real-Time Payments in the U.S.: Legal, Policy, and Cross-Border Implications
Nov 6, 2019

Fireside Chat with CFTC Director Joshua B. Sterling
 Sep 25, 2019

Update on Recent CFTC and NFA Regulatory Actions
Jul 31, 2019

Capital Raising Alternatives for Public and Private Companies
Jun 13, 2019

Bipartisan, Fact-Based Oversight: Yes, It’s Possible
May 28, 2019

The SEC's Proposed Variable Product Disclosures: What You Need To Know
May 8, 2019

New Developments at the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB)
May 1, 2019

Taking Stock of the Dodd-Frank Act of 2010 on the 10th Anniversary of the Financial Crisis
Dec 18, 2018

Managing Corporate Cyber Security in a Global Market
Oct 31, 2018

CFTC Proposed Amendments to the Swap Dealer De Minimis Exception  
Jun 26, 2018

No Business Cards Allowed: How to Be More Effective at Networking in the Age of Social Media
 Jun 13, 2018

Exploring the New Frontier of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain
 Jun 6, 2018

Introduction to Legal Issues in Blockchain, Bitcoin and Initial Coin Offerings
 May 10, 2018

Auditor Liability 2018: Trends in SEC & PCAOB Enforcement & Developments in Private Audit Firm
 Apr 10, 2018

Managing Relationships with Internal Whistleblowers
 Mar 8, 2018

Practical Implications of Blockchain Technology for Funds and Investment Advisers
 Nov 28, 2017  

Recovering Assets Lost to Fraud: Protecting Investor and Consumer Rights
 Nov 14, 2017

Insider Trading - Practical Considerations in Prosecuting and Defending Cases After Salman
 Feb 28, 2017  

A Review of the SEC's Disclosure Effectiveness Initiative
 Jul 28, 2016

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Criminal Law and Individual Rights Community

White-Collar Crime Series: Financial Crime Enforcement and Compliance
 Sep 12, 2019

Crime Victims' Rights
Sep 11, 2019

Human Trafficking Prosecution and Litigation
Sep 5, 2019

Corporate Modern Slavery
Jul 11, 2019

White-Collar Crime Series: Corruption in International Arbitration
May 29, 2019

White-Collar Crime Series: Financial Crime Enforcement in Asia
Apr 16, 2019

Defending Individuals in White Collar Criminal Cases
Feb 12, 2019

Defending Individuals in White Collar Investigations
Jan 4, 2017

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District of Columbia Affairs Community

Annual Review of the D.C. Budget
May 21, 2020

Shared Vehicles, Shared Streets: Policy Challenges in a Changing Transportation Environment
Nov 20, 2019

D.C. Budget Process: What is Working and What Does the Future Hold?
 Apr 18, 2019

Gentrification and Affordable Housing: the Good, the Bad, the Ugly and the Way Forward
 Mar 27, 2019

Home Rule and the Initiative Process: Is It Working?           
Jan 23, 2019

Guns and Home Rule - 10 Years After Heller           
 Jul 11, 2018

FY 2019 District Budget and the Implications of the New Federal Tax Bill  
 Mar 28, 2018  

How is Community Activism Impacting Policing in D.C.?  
 Feb 21, 2018

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Environment, Energy and Natural Resources Community

End of the Road? Examining the Trump Administration v. California Over Vehicle Emission Standards
Feb 25, 2020

The Future of the Endangered Species Act
Feb 19, 2020

Meet the AAG: Jeffrey B. Clark, Environment and Natural Resources Division, Department of Justice
Jul 26, 2019

Estate Planning for Pets
Jun 4, 2019

Local and National Perspectives of Climate Adaptation Law and Policy
Jun 6, 2019

Hot Topics in Environmental Law: EPA's Mercury and Air Toxics Standards Proposal
Apr 18, 2019

Clean Water Act Jurisdiction: The Future of “Waters of the United States”
Apr 10, 2019

Environment & Energy Priorities of the Trump Administration: the Past 2 Years and the Next 2 Years
Nov 14, 2018

RCRA Hot Topic: The Coal Ash Rule and Litigation                 
Nov 8, 2018

Meet the GC: Matthew Z. Leopold, Environmental Protection Agency
Sep 27, 2018

Anacostia: The Past, Present and Possible Futures of an American River  
Sep 25, 2018

Criminal Environmental Enforcement Under the Trump Administration  
 Jun 12, 2018  

CWA Jurisdiction Over Groundwater Conveyance of Discharges to Surface Waters
 May 23, 2018  

Legal Advocacy for Abused Animals: Connecticut's "Desmond's Law" as a Roadmap for Change in D.C.
 Apr 4, 2018  

Pro Bono Opportunities in Animal Law: Animal Legal Defense Fund Pro Bono Director Tom Linney
 Feb 21, 2018

Tribal Fishing Rights and Environmental Regulation: An Emerging Nexus?
 Nov 16, 2017

How Agencies Reverse Policy: Stays, Remands, and Reconsideration
 Oct 5, 2017

What's in Store for the WOTUS Rule?
 May 11, 2017  

Understanding the Trump Administration's 2-for-1 Regulatory Policy
 Apr 13, 2017  

Safe to Swim? Using Law, Policy, and Innovation to Clean Up D.C.'s Rivers
 Mar 30, 2017

Climate Policy Outlook for 2017 and Beyond  
 Mar 22, 2017  

Electric Vehicles: Addressing Infrastructure Challenges  
 Dec 13, 2016  

Legislative Outlook for Animal Advocacy Initiatives in the 115th Congress  
 Dec 1, 2016  

Recent Changes in Net Metering Policies and the Future of Distributed Solar  
 Jul 27, 2016   

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Estates, Trusts and Probate Law Community

A Tri-State Update on Changes in the Law and Regulations Affecting Estates, Trusts & Probate Law
Jun 16, 2020

Inbound U.S. Estate Planning
May 7, 2020

Making Decisions for Wards: Legal, Medical and Ethical Considerations for Guardians
Mar 12, 2020

Planning After the SECURE Act
Feb 27, 2020

Practically Speaking: Practical Guidance for Planning with D.C. Real Estate
Jan 16, 2020

Elder Financial Exploitation Laws in the District and What They Mean for Trusts/Estates/Probate Attorneys
Dec 12, 2019

Register of Wills Updates
Oct 17, 2019

What is Kaestner? And why should I care?
Sep 25, 2019

Estates, Trusts and Probate Law Updates for the District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia
Jun 20, 2019

Back to Basics: Leveraging the Grantor Trust Rules in our Current Estate Planning Environment
Apr 30, 2019

The Year in Review and Updates from Heckerling
Mar 12, 2019

Competency and Capacity Issues in Estate and Trust Matters
Jan 17, 2019

Medicaid Lien Recovery in D.C.
Dec 13, 2018

Recent Federal and State Tax Developments for Estate Planners
Nov 15, 2018

Foreclosure Defense for Conservators and Personal Representatives
Oct 18, 2018

D.C./MD/VA Year End Update 2018  
 Jun 7, 2018  

Tenant Rights Beyond TOPA and Handling Real Estate in a Decedent's Estate  
 Apr 12, 2018

Trust Modification: Components and Considerations
Feb 22, 2018

Planning with the Marital Deduction
Dec 5, 2017

Suit against D.C. Medicaid for Illegal Estate Recovery: Where Are We Now and How to Recover  
 Nov 9, 2017   

Top 10 Tax-Related Court Cases Every Estate Planner Should Know
Oct 17, 2017

The Unexamined Trust Is Not Worth Drafting  
 Sep 12, 2017  

D.C., MD and VA Update 2017    
 Jun 8, 2017  

What Domestic Relations and Real Estate Lawyers Wish Estate Planners Knew
 Apr 18, 2017  

What to Do When Your Ward Is Arrested  
 Jan 12, 2017

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Family Law Community

Changes to the Domestic Relations Rules: Highlights from the Committee                
 Nov 8, 2018

Best Practices for Presenting the Wishes of the Child  
 May 15, 2018  

Discovering & Dealing with Adultery  
 Apr 19, 2018

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Government Contracts Community

What to Do When the Inspector General Knocks
Mar 20, 2018

Recent Developments in GAO Bid Protests
May 2, 2017  

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Health Law Community

D.C. Bar Health Law Community Career Panel        
Jun 19, 2019

Telemedicine and Telehealth: An Ever-Changing Opportunity and Regulatory Landscape
Apr 16, 2019

Public Health Emergencies and the Law    
Oct 16, 2018

340B Drug Pricing Program: Past, Present, & Future           
Sep 26, 2018

Topical Developments in Healthcare Compliance  
Apr 3, 2018  

Medicare Under MACRA: Year 2 of the Quality Payment Program and Beyond  
Mar 29, 2018

Opioid Issues: An Overview of the Current Opioid Crisis and Legal Enforcement Concerns
Mar 6, 2018  

Medicare Payments After MACRA and Beyond  
Mar 6, 2017

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Intellectual Property Law Community

Scandalous Marks on Brunetti's One-Year Anniversary: The Decision's Impact and the PTO's Commonplace Words Doctrine
Jun 24, 2020

FDA Law for IP Lawyers - Tips for Effectively Integrating FDA Regulatory Law into an IP Law Practice
Apr 29, 2020

Hot Topics at the U.S. Trade Mark Office and the Trade Mark Trial and Appeal Board
Jun 18, 2019

Copyrightability: What Practitioners Should Know About Registration and the U.S. Copyright Office
Sep 18, 2018

Evolving Patent Landscape of Blockchain Technology  
Aug 9, 2018

The Increasing Importance of Non-Traditional Marks and How Best to Protect Them
Jun 5, 2018

Winning Defend Trade Secrets Act Cases: Proving Trade Secret Status, and Misappropriation
Oct 19, 2017

Trademark 101 with Office of the Commissioner for Trademarks in the USPTO
Apr 19, 2017

USPTO Patent Quality Forum  
 Nov 3, 2016  

Best Practices for Petitions, Letters of Protest and Other Submissions to USPTO Director
 Oct 4, 2016

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International Law Community

Government Enforcement and Investigations Affecting the Cryptocurrency Industry
May 21, 2020

Quo Vadis, Bolivia? From Disputed Elections to a Transition Government to New Elections
Dec 3, 2019

Comparative Developments in Criminal Justice Systems in Argentina, Brazil, Mexico and the U.S.
Sep 12, 2019

Where Did All the Files Go?: Investigating, Prosecuting and Defending Data Theft Cases
Jul 18, 2019

Current Perspectives on Trade and Investment in Peru and its Impact on the Region
May 8, 2019

Anti-Corruption Efforts in the Western Hemisphere: Their Impact on Trade, Investment and Development
Apr 30, 2019

Current Issues and Perspectives on Trade and Investment in Brazil and its Impact in the Region
Apr 23, 2019

A Conversation with Ambassador Fernando Llorca Castro: Trade and Investment in Costa Rica
Apr 17, 2019

Venezuela: Cryptocurrency, Sanctions, and the Current Legal Climate
Mar 26, 2019

Advanced Seminar: Damages in International Arbitration
Feb 12, 2019

The U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement: What’s New and What’s Not in a Post-NAFTA North America?
Nov 8, 2018

Dispute Boards in Latin America and Beyond
 May 17, 2018  

Understanding the Executive Orders on the Travel Ban: Implementation and Legal Challenges
 Mar 29, 2017  

Recent Lessons on Treaty Shopping and the Establishing of an Investment
 Jan 25, 2017

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Labor and Employment Law Community

Unemployment Insurance Benefits Under the CARES Act: What Attorneys Representing Employees Need to Know Now
May 14, 2020

The Impacts of Marijuana in the Workplace
Mar 7, 2019

Labor and Employment Law Update – D.C., Maryland, and Virginia
Oct 24, 2018

Supreme Court Update: Epic Systems Corp. v. Lewis
 Jun 5, 2018  

Supreme Court Update - Digital Realty v. Somers
 Feb 27, 2018  

Annual Employment Law Update 2017    
 Mar 8, 2017

Election Law for Federal and D.C. Employees  
 Nov 11, 2016

Recent Significant OFCCP Regulatory Developments: Highlights and Critical Issues
 Oct 11, 2016  

Preparing for Your First (or Hundredth) Labor Arbitration
 Sep 29, 2016  

Pay Equity De-mystified: Practical Legal, Data, and Statistical Considerations
 Sep 27, 2016  

Anatomy of an Executive Employment Contract
 Sep 21, 2016

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Law Practice Management Community

Outsourcing for Lawyers: How to Find the Help You Need
May 27, 2020

Business Development Roundtable: Online Marketing Methods
Apr 30, 2020

Project Management, Kanban and Automation: Productivity Hacks for Lawyers
Apr 9, 2020

Starting a Law Firm from the Ground Up
Apr 8, 2020

The Ethics of Cybersecurity: Practical and Budget-Friendly Tips for Lawyers
Dec 3, 2019

Good Things Come to Those Who Ask: A Workshop to Increase Referrals
Oct 29, 2019

Crushing Your Next Negotiation in 3 Steps
Oct 2, 2019

In-House Insights               
Apr 3, 2019

The War Law Firms are Waging Against Data Breaches
Mar 27, 2019

Best Practices for Leasing Office Space
Jan 30, 2019

Information Overload in the Digital Age / Taming the Email Monster
Jan 23, 2019

Tech Tips for Increasing Efficiency and Managing Your Practice
Nov 14, 2018

Rainmaking - Lessons from the Experts
Nov 7, 2018

Securing Your Firm’s Most Important Asset: How to Hire and Retain Employees
Sep 12, 2018

The Virtual or Connected Law Firm: Technology and Administration That Supports Them
May 9, 2018

The Top 5 Law Firm Marketing Mistakes in 2018 … And How to Avoid Them
May 8, 2018

The Business Side of Law: Admin, HR & IT
May 2, 2018

The Future of Big Law  
Apr 18, 2018

Building Your Book: Lessons From Young Rainmakers
Mar 13, 2018

Making Partner in Big Law
Feb 7, 2018

Cybersecurity Tips at Warp Speed for Lawyers
Feb 6, 2018

Establishing a Unique Brand as a Legal Professional
Jan 9, 2018

Technology Driven Marketing: How Websites, SEO & Social Media Help Firms Compete For New Clients
Nov 15, 2017

Big Law and Babies
Nov 1, 2017

Generating Referrals Through Networking
Oct 10, 2017

Creating Your Preferred Future in the Evolving Practice of Law
Sep 20, 2017

Law Firm Websites as Rainmakers: What Lawyers Should Know about Digital Marketing
May 18, 2017

Leveraging Technology to Make Your Law Practice More Efficient
May 3, 2017

Generating Referrals through Networking
Feb 16, 2017

LinkedIn for Lawyers
Nov 30, 2016

National Security, Military Service or Traditional Legal Jobs - Career Options
Nov 10, 2016

60 Technology Tips in 60 Minutes
Nov 1, 2016

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Law Student Community

There are currently no archived Law Student Community On-Demand Programs.

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Litigation Community

What Kanye Can Teach Us About Litigation
May 19, 2020

Anti-SLAPP Litigation 101 - Defending Freedom of Expression
May 7, 2020

Hot Topics in FOIA Litigation
Apr 8, 2020

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Public Interest and Courts Community

Possible Improvements to Landlord-Tenant Court Process
Jun 6, 2019

Dyspeptic Judges: How To Avoid Judicial Wrath
Jun 5, 2019

Dealing with Self-Represented Litigants as Clients or Opponents
Jun 5, 2018

50 Years After the Signing of the Fair Housing Act: Has D.C. Achieved Housing Justice?
Apr 11, 2018

Emerging Issues in Litigating Housing Matters in D.C.  
Mar 23, 2018

Making Low Bono Work: Creating a Sustainable Community for Affordable Lawyers in D.C.
Mar 13, 2018

Giving Teeth to the D.C. Language Access Act of 2004
Jun 20, 2017

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Real Estate, Housing and Land Use Community

The Tenant Opportunity to Purchase Act in 2019 What Landlords/Tenants and Practitioners Need to Know
Oct 3, 2019

New FCC Policy on Service Provider Access to MDUs & Possible Limits on MDU Broadband/Wireless Deals
Sep 12, 2019

Construction Law – Negotiating Key Contract Terms
Jun 20, 2019

Construction Defects, Piercing the Corporate Veil and Fraud
Apr 10, 2018   

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Tort Law Community

Anti-SLAPP Litigation 101 - Defending Freedom of Expression
May 7, 2020

Practice Update: Expert Designation in Civil Cases Under Amended Rule 26
May 7, 2018

Who’s at Fault: Examining DC Bike Laws
Aug 14, 2017   

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Taxation Community

Subcommittee Series

Corporate Tax Series

Distressed Corporations - Income Tax Considerations for Debtors and Investors
Jun 30, 2020

Attributes in a Post-CARES Act World
Apr 28, 2020

The Intersection of Choice of Entity Decisions and the Corporate Tax Rules
Feb 25, 2020

How To Think About NOLs In A Post-TCJA World       
Sep 18, 2019

Debt-Equity Issues in a Post-TCJA World
Jun 11, 2019

Current Developments in Corporate Tax
Apr 30, 2019

Update on Section 355 Spin-offs
Dec 11, 2018

Consolidated Return Aspects of Proposed Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) Regulations
Oct 10, 2018

Taxable Acquisitions in Light of Tax Reform
Jun 7, 2018

Notice 2018-28: Section 163(j) Interest Limitation
May 2, 2018

Consolidated Return Aspects of Tax Reform
Mar 6, 2018

Corporate Tax Aspects of Tax Reform
Jan 30, 2018

Partial Withdrawal of Proposed Net Value Regulations: Where Does It Leave US?
Sep 26, 2017

Recent Guidance Pertaining to Section 355
Jun 7, 2017

Consolidated Return Current Developments
Apr 4, 2017

Section 367 Current Developments
Feb 28, 2017

Revisiting Proposed Regulations Under Section 305
Dec 14, 2016


Employee Benefits Tax Series

COVID-19 and Other Recent Health Guidance
Jun 18, 2020

COVID-19 Challenges: What's Next for Employment Taxes and Retirement Plans
May 27, 2020

The SECURE Act: The Impact of Retirement Modernization Legislation
Feb 13, 2020

Defined Contribution Plan Investments in Private Funds
Nov 7, 2019

Health and Welfare 2019 Mid-Year Review
Jun 20, 2019

Benefits & Compensation Issues in M&A and Venture Deals: What’s New and What Really Matters
May 15, 2019

New Section 4960 Guidance
Mar 20, 2019

Tax Reform Executive Compensation Guidance: Notices 2018-68, 2018-97 and Beyond
Mar 6, 2019

Retirement and Health Legislative and Regulatory Outlook for 2019
Nov 8, 2018

Related Tax-Exempt Organizations: Traps for the Unwary
May 16, 2018

Update and Recent Developments with Health and Welfare Plans
Apr 19, 2018

Investment Fee and Fiduciary Considerations for Sponsors of Qualified Retirement Plans
Nov 2, 2017

EPCRS Update and the Closing Agreement Program - What you need to know!
Mar 22, 2017


Estate Planning Tax Series

An Overview of IRS Estate and Gift Tax Audit Procedures and Practice Tips
Jun 25, 2020

A Tri-State Update on Changes in the Law & Regulations Affecting Estates, Trusts & Probate Law
Jun 16, 2020

The Year in Review and Updates from Heckerling (2020)
May 21, 2020

Back to Basics: Giving Power to Your Powers of Attorney
Feb 18, 2020

What is Kaestner? And why should I care?
Sep 25, 2019

Back to Basics: Leveraging the Grantor Trust Rules in Our Current Estate Planning Environment
- Apr 30, 2019

The Year in Review and Updates from Heckerling (2019)
- Mar 12, 2019

Don’t Trip Up the Step-Up: The Importance of Basis Adjustment Planning
- Feb 5, 2019

Lemons to Lemonade: Making Use of the Delaware Tax Trap
- Nov 13, 2018

Current Developments in Fiduciary Income Taxation
- Oct 30, 2018

Trustee Selection: Tax Issues, Creditor Protection Concerns, and Other Considerations
- May 8, 2018

Income and Estate Tax Planning for Entrepreneurial Clients
- Apr 24, 2018

Howard M. Zaritsky's Heckerling Update/Year in Review (2018)
- Mar 28, 2018

Trust Modification: Components and Considerations
- Feb 22, 2018

Planning with the Marital Deduction
- Dec 5, 2017

Top 10 Tax-Related Court Cases Every Estate Planner Should Know
- Oct 17, 2017

Joint Trusts: Does it Take Two (Revocable Trusts) to Make a Thing Go Right?
- May 17, 2017

Howard M. Zaritsky's Heckerling Update/Year in Review (2017)
- Apr 5, 2017

What Estate Planners Should Know About Divorce
- Feb 23, 2017

Back to Basics: Planning with Retirement Assets
- Jan 10, 2017

Ten Important (and often Overlooked) Insurance Facts
- Nov 17, 2016

Common GST Problems: How to Avoid Them and How to Fix Them
- Oct 18, 2016

Power of Appointment Support Trusts
- Sep 13, 2016

Exempt Organizations Tax Series

Endowments & Restricted Funds: How UPMIFA & the D.C. Nonprofit Act Impact the Use of Charitable Assets
Jun 26, 2020

Proposed Regulations Issues on 512(a)(6) UBIT 'Silo' Rules - A Discussion with Experts
May 18, 2020

Issues for Exempt Organizations Engaging in International Activities
Dec 4, 2019

The Intersection of Political and Exempt Organizations
Oct 10, 2019

Hot Topics for Trade Associations
May 22, 2019

Legislative and Regulatory Update for Tax-Exempt Organizations
Apr 3, 2019

New Section 4960 Guidance
Mar 20, 2019

Qualified Opportunity Zones: Structures and Issues for Sponsors and Investors, and Exempt Entities
Jan 30, 2019

Interim Guidance and Transitional Rules Applicable to Separate Unrelated Businesses Under 512(a)(6)
Sep 26, 2018

Perplexing UBIT Issues
Jun 20, 2018

Related Tax-Exempt Organizations: Traps for the Unwary
May 16, 2018

Impact of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act on Exempt Organizations
Jan 31, 2018

State and Local Tax Issues for Exempt Organizations
Nov 29, 2017

Election Campaign Activities of 501(c)(4) and 527 Organizations - Tax and Election Law Issues
Sep 27, 2017

Tax Reform: Effect on Exempt Organizations
May 17, 2017

Practice Issues Unique to Tax-Exempt Clients
Mar 22, 2017

Tips for Preparing Form 990 this Filing Season
Nov 9, 2016


Financial Products Tax Series

Debt Modifications and Restructurings
Jun 4, 2020

BEAT for Financial Institutions
Feb 12, 2020

Cracking the Code for Cryptocurrency
Dec 12, 2019

Current Issues Under Section 305(c)
Oct 15, 2019

Transitioning Away From LIBOR – What Does it Mean?
Jun 11, 2019

Foreign Currency Transactions in Light of the TCJA
May 21, 2019

Debt Restructuring in Light of the TCJA
Apr 25, 2019

Proposed Regulations and Related Guidance on the Interest Expense Limitation rules of Section 163(j)
Dec 12, 2018

Recent Developments in the Taxation of Financial Transactions
Oct 9, 2018

Issues Regarding the Application of Section 163(j)
Apr 12, 2018

Proposed Regulations Impacting Section 988 Transactions
Feb 7, 2018

Recent and Anticipated IRS Regulatory Guidance
Dec 14, 2017

Revisiting AHYDO: Thoughts and Recommendations on the Difficult Issues
Apr 13, 2017

Final Section 385 Regulations: A Whole New World?
Dec 15, 2016

Looking into the Future: The FI&P 2016-2017 Priority Guidance Plan Projects
Nov 2, 2016

Learning to Swim in the Deep End of the Cash Pool
Oct 4, 2016


International Tax Series

International Tax Issues of Trapped Workers, Mobile Workforces, and the New Normal
Jun 25, 2020

Final and Proposed Regulations Addressing Hybrid Dividends, Hybrid Arrangements and Other Issues
May 12, 2020

Withholding on Transfers of ECI Partnership Interests After the Proposed Regulations
Feb 20, 2020

The BEAT Regulations
Dec 5, 2019

Navigating the Proposed Cloud Regulations - What Has Changed, and What Hasn’t
Sep 19, 2019

Final and Proposed GILTI Regulations and "Interim Final" Section 245A Regulations
Jun 25, 2019

The FDII and GILTI Deduction Proposed Regulations
Mar 26, 2019

The Final 965 Regulations - How the Changes Will Impact Taxpayers Going Forward
Feb 26, 2019

Taxing the Digitalized Economy - Recent Proposals, U.S. Response and Where We May Be Headed
Dec 20, 2018

Proposed GILTI Regulations
Oct 30, 2018

Navigating the Proposed Regulations Under Section 965
Oct 9, 2018

Tax Reform Guidance Update: Recent Notices Regarding Sections 163(j), 864, and 965
Apr 25, 2018

International Tax Aspects of U.S. Tax Reform
Dec 19, 2017

International Tax Enforcement Update
Oct 11, 2017

Global Tax Reform - BEPS, the Multilateral Instrument, and Country-by-Country...
May 3, 2017

International Tax Guidance Update
Dec 20, 2016

Current Developments in International Tax Reform
Oct 25, 2016


New Tax Practitioners Series

A Brief Discussion of Administrative Guidance in the Federal Tax Law
Jun 10, 2020

What Is It Worth: Judicial Deference to IRS Guidance and Other Authority on which We Rely
May 6, 2020

Tax Controversy Basics: Forum Selection
Feb 5, 2020

Careers in Tax Law: The Importance of Networking
Nov 6, 2019

How Artificial Intelligence and Other Technology Will Shape the Future of Tax Law
Apr 24, 2019

Updates on Denial or Revocation of U.S. Passports for Seriously Delinquent Tax Debtors
Mar 13, 2019

U.S. International Tax System: The Old, The New, & What Young Tax Lawyers Should Know About Both
Feb 13, 2019

Careers in Tax Law
Nov 7, 2018

Transfer Pricing and Tax Reform
May 30, 2018

Back to Basics: Introduction to the Soft Judicial Doctrines in Federal and State Taxation
Oct 4, 2017

Back-to-Basics: Introduction to Tax Policy
May 10, 2017

Back-to-Basics: Introduction to Employee Benefits
Feb 15, 2017


Partnership Taxation Series

Disguised Sales, Summation of Class, Special Topics
Jul 30, 2019

Distributions (Session 2)
Jul 23, 2019

Distributions (Session 1)
Jul 16, 2019

Sale of a Partnership Interest
Jul 9, 2019

Transactions (Other Than Sales) Between a Partnership and Its Partners
Jul 2, 2019

Partnership Liabilities
- Jun 25, 2019

Contributions of Property
- Jun 18, 2019

Substantial Economic Effect; Allocation of Nonrecourse Deductions
- Jun 3, 2019

Financial Account and Capital Accounts and Partnership Allocations: Substantial Economic Effect
- May 28, 2019

Choice of Entity; Partnership Formation; Partnership Operation Basics
- May 21, 2019


Pass-Throughs and Real Estate Tax Series

Debt Restructurings, Buybacks, and Workouts for Troubled Partnerships
May 28, 2020

Deciphering and Dissecting New Partnership Debt Allocation Regulations
Dec 11, 2019

Bonus Depreciation - Final and Proposed Regulations
Oct 23, 2019

Opportunity Zones: Proposed Regulations, Part II
May 22, 2019

Passthroughs Deduction for Qualified Business Income: Final Regulations Under Section 199A
Mar 13, 2019

Qualified Opportunity Zones: Structures and Issues for Sponsors and Investors, and Exempt Entities
Jan 30, 2019

Passthroughs Deduction for Qualified Business Income: Proposed Regulations Under Section 199A
Nov 20, 2018

Bonus Depreciation Proposed Regulations
Oct 3, 2018

Notice 2018-28: Section 163(j) Interest Limitation
May 2, 2018

New Centralized Partnership Audit Regime Update
Jan 31, 2018

Partnerships Among Consolidated Group Members: CCA 201726012 and Other Issues
Oct 25, 2017

Redeeming a Partner: Considerations and Best Practices
Oct 26, 2016


State and Local Tax Series

The State of Combined Reporting
Apr 7, 2020

Dialogue with D.C. OTR's Office of the Taxpayer Advocate and the Comptroller of Maryland Ombudsman's Office
Feb 11, 2020

Annual Update on D.C. Taxation
Nov 5, 2019

Due Process in the 21st Century - Kaestner and Its Implications
May 28, 2019

Everything But (The Kitchen Sink) Wayfair and Tax Reform
Mar 19, 2019

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Unclaimed Property
Apr 23, 2019

Guiding Businesses Towards Compliance
Feb 19, 2019

State Tax Highlights From Top State Tax Journalists
Jan 22, 2019

Annual Update on D.C. Taxation 2018
Nov 6, 2018

Maryland Tax Update from the Office of the Comptroller of Maryland
Jun 21, 2018

Hot Topics in State Tax: A State Tax Update
May 24, 2018

Navigating Tax Issues in the District of Columbia
Apr 18, 2018

State and Local Implications of Federal Tax Reform
Feb 21, 2018

Annual Update on D.C. Taxation
Oct 12, 2017

Maryland and Virginia State Developments Update 2017
Apr 19, 2017

Federal Changes Impacting State and Local Tax
Mar 22, 2017

Hot Topics in the Office of Chief Counsel, OTR
Nov 10, 2016

National State Tax Legislative Update & Outlook
Oct 25, 2016


Tax Audits and Litigation Series

A Conversation with the National Taxpayer Advocate: Erin M. Collins
Jun 3, 2020

Employment Tax: Civil and Criminal Implications
Oct 24, 2019

BBA Partnership Audit Regulations - Considerations for Drafting Agreements and Defending During Audits
Sep 10, 2019

How Artificial Intelligence and Other Technology Will Shape the Future of Tax Law
Apr 24, 2019

Pro Bono Representation of Taxpayers in Examinations and Litigation
Mar 27, 2019

BBA Partnership Audit Rules Update: Re-Proposed Regulations and Partnership Representative Issues
Oct 11, 2018

New Centralized Partnership Audit Regime Update
Jan 31, 2018

International Tax Enforcement Update
Oct 11, 2017

Perspectives on, Inc. v. Commissioner
May 18, 2017

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2020 Tax Conference

Tax Legislative and Regulatory Update Conference
Jan 23, 2020

Full Conference

Legislative Update

International Tax: Repatriation Issues: PTI, Basis and the Participation Exemption  

Corporate Taxation: Mergers and Acquisitions Update

Partnership Tax: Hot Topics Including Partnership Issues Relating to Section 1061, Section 168(k), and Certain International Provisions

Tax Exempt: The New Section 4960 Excise Tax on Executive Compensation Paid by Exempt Organizations and Related Entities

International Taxation: GILTI & Subpart F Developments Including FTCs

Corporate Taxation: Spin-Off Update

Partnership Taxation: Section 163(j) and Partnerships

Charitable Giving and Estate Planning

Keynote Speaker, Michael Desmond

International Tax: Cross-Border Financing: Hybrid Issues, Section 163(j), and Other Financing-Related Issues

Corporate Tax: Consolidated Update

Partnership Taxation: Opportunity Zone Update

Tax Controversy: Exploring Tax Issues Related to Regulatory Authority, Chevron Deference, and the Administrative Procedure Act

International Taxation: Exploring the Final BEAT Regulations and Related Issues

Corporate Taxation: Corporate Issues and Opportunity Zones

Partnership Taxation: Latest Developments on the Section 199A Qualified Business Income Deduction

Tax Controversy: Tax Litigation Update Including Recent Decisions, Procedural Issues, and the Impact on Both Corporate and Individual Taxpayers

The OECD/G20 Inclusive Framework on BEPS: Latest Developments

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2019 Tax Conference

Tax Legislative and Regulatory Update Conference
Jan 29, 2019

Bankruptcy Taxation Post-TCJA: NOLs; Section 382 and Notice 2003-65 and Their Interaction with GILTI, section 965, FDII, and section 163(j)

Compensation & Benefits Tax Reform: Changes Regarding Fringe Benefits and Retirement Plans

Compensation & Benefits Taxation: Eliminating the Performance-Based Exception to Section 162(m) and Other Changes Regarding Compensation

Corporate Taxation: Cross-Border M&A Planning Post-TCJA

Corporate Taxation: Spin Off Developments

Global Trends: Consensus or Chaos?

Individual Tax: Low Income Taxpayers and Families

Individual Taxation: The Impact of the TCJA on Individuals

International Tax: Hybrid Issues: Hybrid Dividends and Hybrid Mismatches

International Tax: Repatriation Issues: PTI, the Participation Exemption, FTCs, and Lingering Transition Tax Issues

International Taxation: GILTI: A Deep Dive into the Proposed Regulations

International Taxation: The BEAT

Keynote speaker: Martin Sullivan

Legislative Update

Opportunity Zones

Partnership Tax: The Impact of Tax Reform on Private Equity and Hedge Funds - Section 1061

Partnership Taxation: Section 163(j) and Partnerships

Partnership Taxation: Section 199A Deduction -- Complexity meets Reality

State and Local Taxation: The States’ Response to the TCJA and Possible Planning Opportunities in Their Wake

Tax Exempt Tax Reform: The Impact of TCJA on Tax-Exempt Organizations

Tax Reform and the Impact on RICs and REITs

Tax Reform’s Impact on Charitable Giving and Estate Planning

Taxation of Consolidated Groups: Latest Developments including consolidated issues relating to sections 163(j), 168(k), 179, 250, 951A, and 965

Taxation of Financial Institutions and Products

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2018 Tax Conference

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act: A Conference with the Government and Private Sector to Discuss the Legislation
Jan 25, 2018

Plenary Session: Now What? The Impact of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act on the Business Community

International Tax Reform: Transition from Worldwide Taxation to Territorial System

Plenary Session: Lunch and a Conversation with Barbara and Tony

International Tax Reform: Tax Reform and Intellectual Property: IP Planning in the New World Order

Plenary Session: Overview of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

Tax-Exempt Tax Reform: Overview of Major Tax Reform Provisions

Corporate Tax Reform: Interest Expense Limitations

Individual Tax Reform: Overview

Partnership Tax Reform: Calculation and Taxation of “Business Income” and Related Issues

Compensation & Benefits Tax Reform: Eliminating the Performance-Based Exception to Section 162(m) and Other Changes Regarding Compensation

Partnership Tax Reform: Selected Provisions’ Impact on Operating a Business in Partnership Form

Tax Reform’s Impact on Charitable Giving and Estate Planning

Possible Impact of TCJA on State and Local Taxes

Corporate Tax Reform: Capital Contributions, DRDs, NOLs, and Expensing

International Tax Reform: Shift to a Territorial System or Worldwide Taxation without Deferral? Participation Exemption, GILTI, and Related Issues

Individual Tax Reform: Impact on Lower-Income Individuals and Families

Corporate Tax Reform: Capital Contributions, DRDs, NOLs, and Expensing

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