D.C. Bar Elections

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The D.C. Bar Nominations Committee has announced the 2021 candidates running for D.C. Bar leadership positions. Click here for additional information.

Additionally, click here for a list of candidates included in the Communities election.

The 2021 D.C. Bar elections will run from April 29 to May 24. Eligible voters will receive an email link to the general election ballot, as well as to the ballots for their D.C. Bar Communities, from Direct Vote (via Survey & Ballot Systems), an independent vendor administering the 2021 D.C. Bar elections. Links should be received by eligible voters on April 29 or April 30.

Be sure to take this opportunity to choose your next set of leaders!

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I vote?

Voting for the 2021 D.C. Bar general and Communities elections will take place from Thursday, April 29 through Monday, May 24, 2021.

Who is eligible to vote in the general election?

Active members in good standing on the member roll as of April 15 of the election year are eligible to vote in the Bar’s general election, or the first business day after April 15 should it fall on a weekend or Bar holiday. 

Who is eligible to vote in the Communities elections?

Any D.C. Bar member who is in good standing (active, inactive, or judicial status) and a member of a Community may vote in that Community’s election. The Public Interest and Courts Community and the Tort Law Community will not have elections in 2021.

How do I vote?

Eligible voters will receive an email link to the ballot from an independent vendor administering the D.C. Bar elections. The links will be sent to eligible voters when the elections launch.

Voting takes place online only. Communities elections are included on the same ballot as the general election.

Eligible voters can also access the ballot by logging into the D.C. Bar’s website (dcbar.org) with their D.C. Bar member credentials and clicking on the “Vote Now” button within their profiles during the voting period.

Are paper ballots available?

No. Voting takes place exclusively online. No paper ballots will be made available.

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To view the 2020 general election results, click here. For the 2020 Communities election results, click here.